Friday, September 17, 2010

Alaska Wildlife Conservation

Seester drove Mama, Daddy, and I to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation to see some local animals up close. (Will had to work so he missed out.) We saw caribou, musk ox, a grizzly bear who completely got my style, two brown bears...who wouldn't come close for a picture, an escaped creature, bald eagle, a moose who wouldn't turn around, and a black bear. (Pictures are in this order, mouse over to see descriptions if you lose your spot.)

musk ox
lazy grizzly bear
an escaped creature
bald eagle
moose who wouldn't turn around
black bear

The conservation cares for orphaned and hurt animals in an effort to support Alaskan wildlife. Visitors can walk or drive to the animal habitats. Dad and Seester drove...partly because it was too cold for them, partly because they're lazy. Mama and I walked...partly because we're awesome and partly because it was faster than getting in and out of Seeseter's 2 door car. 

my family
A giant marshmallow?

Mile 79 Seward Highway

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