Monday, August 15, 2011


Dan and his kids picked us up around lunchtime and we headed through the mountains...literally. To get to the lake at a town on the other side of the mountains (Barcis), you have to drive through about 4/5 tunnels. One of the tunnels takes 10-15 minutes to pass through. They have huge industrial fan so to create circulation throughout the tunnel so we didn't pass out from lack of oxygen. It's a straight shot except at the entrance and exit. My eyes were adjusted to the dark and BAM! bright light slaps me in the face at the exit.

According to Dan, it's usually pretty easy to find a good spot along the lake or the river feeding it. But it was a nice day, the weekend, and Monday is an Italian holiday so it was jam packed. Cars were wedged into each other along every possible turnoff, even the small stretches of grass. We passed by a hiking trail and we all agreed it would be fun to check it out.

We paid a 2€ entrance fee which got us a hair net and a hard hat to wear. The path winds through tunnels and hugs the side of a mountain/cliff so it's a good idea to wear the dorky headgear.

The hike was actually really nice. It was paved the whole way with railings guarding curious hikers from the immediate drop off into the canyon below. A river cuts through the bottom of the canyon so throughout the hike we'd lean over to see the gorgeous scenes below us. The canyon, the river, the mountain ranges all around was all so pretty. The tunnels were conveniently spaced apart and cooled us off.

Old Road Valcellina

After our hike, we went down to the lake to relax and cool off. It was such a fun day with our new friends.

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