Sunday, September 25, 2011

A disastrous Ikea trip

We learned a very valuable lesson today: Don't trust our GPS.

It started out with lunch on base with Pierce and Jasmine. They suggested we all check out Ikea. None of us knew exactly where it was, but we all agreed that we should be able to search it on the GPS. 2 hours later..."Did that sign say Austria!?!?" Yes, our stupid GPS took us to a whole other country and it took us through the windiest road through the mountains for no reason. And guess what? When we finally got to Ikea, it was closed.

We were all pissed and tired and stressed and I had to use the bathroom. So we found a gas station and everyone got out to stretch our legs.

I learned that Austrians are really nice people. Austrians speak German (I think) but I somehow figured out that the bathrooms were outside. I started pulling on doors and some random guy filling up his car called over and motioned to go around. My stance must have screamed "I'm doing the pee pee dance in my head". I made Will come with me because who knows what's behind the building. We found a coin slot on the door. What!? Is it a vending machine that's going to pop out a toilet? I fished out a .50 Euro coin and it spit it out. I tried again and it spit it out again! At this point, I'm looking around for a bush or something to duck behind. Will went inside to try and ask for help again. Eventually he figured out that she has a button behind the counter to release the door...for free.

I was worried it was a squatter toilet. It's not that I didn't master them when I was in's just awkward is all. It smelled like all kinds of awful and it was basically a port-o-potty, but it was pretty pimped out in there. The seat pulled down and the bowl flushed.

The GPS screwed us again on the way home. It took us off the autostrada and around a creepy backwoods road for no reason whatsoever because it put us right back on the autostrada at the same point we exited. It was an unnecessary trip chock full of frustrations. But we got a heckuva story out of it and I got a great first impression of how helpful Austrians are.


  1. Oh my gosh thats horrible. Could you order online and have Ikea stuff shipped?


  2. Oh my gosh! Sounds stressful! Heave a great weekend!

  3. Hahaha, Oh my gosh. Sorry, but that's pretty funny. And yes, Austrians speak German, but I'm sure you've figured that out at some point in the last year. :)

  4. HAHA! I can't believe you wound up in a whole other country! IKEA is an amazing shopping experience, though, I have to say, so you must visit it at some point! I concur the suggestion My-cliffnotes made about ordering what you need (if you need something specific) online and having it shipped... usually that system works well!
    PS: That sounds like an absolutely TERRIBLE trip!

  5. Oops! Sounds like something our GPS would do...