Monday, October 24, 2011

Italian Dinner Party

Albino (our landlord) asked if he could borrow our family room for a dinner party and invited us to join them. A couple who used to be stationed here came back to visit and they were inviting people over to catch up with them. Helga (Abino's wife) made an amazing spread of all kinds of meat, polenta, and some kind of green leafy vegetable. I think I only made it through half my plate, I was so stuffed!

Italian cooking
Frying all the food on an enormous gas grill 
Italian dinner party
SO much food!
One of the family friend's brought over homemade tiramisu. I almost died it was so good! Think of the airiest,  creamiest, most flavorful tiramisu you've ever had and multiply it by 1,000 and maybe you can get an idea of how amazing it was. There was two extra pieces so of course I had seconds.

Italian homemade tiramisu
Last piece of tiramisu
Will had to work in the morning, so he went to bed after dinner. The rest of the Italians slowly petered out and went home. The other Americans, Albino, and I stayed up to play poker and have some drinks. We had a great time! The military wife was fluent in Italian so she interpreted for everyone if the language barrier became a problem.

poker and 7 in 7's

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