Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rain & Lunch

Today Sarah and Lindsay moved onto their next destination (Roma!). Before they left, we set up a visit to a vineyard. Unfortunately the rain derailed our plans. I was thrilled though because I got to play in the rain with my new rain boots (from Christmas) and rain coat! Turns's not a raincoat. It soaked the rain right up.

rain gear

When I was done running around, we piled into the car and went to the golf course for an early lunch.

We ran by the mall so Lindsay could get some new tops to replace her ones that were falling apart before taking them to the train station. I absolutely loved spending the last few days with one of my favorite people in the world. And as a bonus I got to meet a really cool new person!


  1. oh my gosh i want to eat all of that food...immediately. and CUTE rain boots & jacket...seriously!

  2. Hello Hello!!
    I nominated you for the versatile blogger award in my post today!

    I've enjoyed reading your blog and i want all of my readers to find you too! :) happy monday!

  3. I like your rain outfit!! So cute!

  4. I love that rain jacket and the lunch looks delicious.

  5. Love ur boots.....n ur very pretty... :)
    Great blog....n thnx for dropping by my blog.... :)