Friday, January 4, 2013

Mixed Feelings

Have you ever ordered flowers from I've done it quite a few times over the years for my family. I've never had a bad experience...until now. I ordered a bouquet of roses for my little sister's birthday. Her birthday is on the 30th and I ordered them on the 20th. Plenty of time right?

The next day I received an email stating that they couldn't fulfill the order and I would be receiving a refund.

Not a big deal. It was the holidays after all and I wasn't too upset.

But then...I got about 5 emails (it's ridiculous how many emails were sent) on the 28th & 29th saying my order was incomplete and to please go to their site or call in with delivery information. I replied asking why they needed information when the order was cancelled. I received a curt reply back saying it wasn't cancelled and I will not be receiving my money back so I need to contact them with delivery information. Maybe I was reading the message as curt, maybe not. Either way I was royally annoyed.

I entered in all the information they could possibly need to complete the delivery when I placed the order. Is this a scam or is this for real? On December 30th (my sister's birthday) I clicked on the link, entered in the delivery information again, and clicked send. The confirmation message was basically: Sorry the delivery in en route, the information cannot be changed. WHAT!?

Okay whatever, cool. She'll get her flowers on her actual birthday. That's what matters.

But then I didn't get a message from my dad saying they got the flowers. Did he forget? No, probably not. Either my stepmom or he would have texted or Facebooked me to let me know. They're pretty good about things like that. Hmm. Maybe I should double check.

On January 3rd I got another email stating the flowers couldn't be delivered because they needed the delivery information. I'm pretty sure I did that twice I'm confused as to what the problem is. It was business hours when I received the email so I called them up to see what was going on.

Basically, the customer service rep had no real answers as to what the problem was. She confirmed that all the information was entered. I guess if the delivery is delayed, the florist won't delivery late until they get a confirmation from FTD and FTD won't give them the go ahead until they contact the customer to confirm that it's okay.

At this point I'm screaming in my head, "BUT I RECEIVED A MESSAGE SAYING IT WAS EN ROUTE!!!!"...followed by a lot of curse words.

The customer service rep was really sympathetic about the whole thing and I could tell she was just as confused by the whole thing as I was. I kept my cool and didn't take my frustrations out on her. (Look at that, I'm maturing!) Instead I politely thanked her for her help before hanging up.

My not-so-little sister and her birthday flowers! Finally!

During the whole emailing back and forth, I was convinced I would never shop with again. But after the phone call and talking with the nice lady...maybe I will. Not anytime soon because I'm still annoyed.

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  1. How you managed to keep your cool ....standing ovation for that :-D