Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Cheesecake

Sorry I'm posting again. I got a lot of messages asking how the cheesecake came out so I feel like you'll forgive me. Before I went to bed I poked at it...okay I palmed it don't ask me why, I don't know why...to see if it was setting correctly. It didn't jiggle so it seemed like it was going well. I was tempted to dig in, but the mister got off late and we were both exhausted.

After he left for work today I crossed my fingers and tried it out.

Yay it didn't fall apart when I took the sides off! I promise it's not really that weird color. The lighting in the kitchen is awful. Unfortunately the crust crumbled and barely half decided to come along with the cake.

But it was light and fluffy and absolutely delicious! I'll probably stick to the store bought crusts because this one was way too much work. But I tried and I always wanted to make my own graham cracker crust. I tried getting some of the guys to come over and help me eat it because I know I'm more than capable of eating the entire thing by myself. But they're on TDY in Spain. Lucky bums! But luckily for me, they'll be back in time to be my hang out buddies when the mister leaves. Oddly enough, Will is not a big fan of cheesecake. WHAT!? I know right? He'll eat a piece, but that's all. 

Oh PS, the mister loved the chicken too! He liked it so much he took all the leftovers for his lunch today. 


  1. The cheesecakes in Germany are SO different than the American ones and i really miss the American options. Here, they are made with quark - a yogurty, cottage cheesey type cream cheese and aren't kept as cold. And there are no graham crackers which is devastating becaue graham cracker crust is the best!

  2. My husband LOVES cheese, but doesn't like cheesecake. Weirdo! I happen to love cheesecake. I can't remember the last time I made one though! Glad it turned out! :)

  3. i. want. this.!!!!
    I've heard about the crazy process of cheesecake, i wish i was confident in my baking skills to make it happen ha.