Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I used to fear that I would never fall in love and get married.
Now that I have Will, I fear that I won't be able to have his baby.

When Will gets back from this deployment, we would love to try for a little minion. We've talked about what we would do if we couldn't have a baby together. We'd still want to be parents and we'd definitely look into adoption. But of course we want a mini Ech or a mini Will.

My other fear is something happening to Will. Right before he left he had a string of accidents at work. He hit his knee against the dashboard of a truck at work and limped around for weeks. (Don't feel too bad for him, he refused to go to the doctor.) Then the next week he slammed his thumb in the window of the vehicle he was driving. His thumb his still recovering and it looks disgusting. He thinks it's funny to hold it up in front of the screen to gross me out when we're Skyping. He gets injured quite a bit as a crew chief. They're always getting bumps, bruises, and cuts while working on the jets. He wonders why I worry so much about him.

gross sick nasty smashed thumb nail


  1. Oh I hope you'll be able to have a baby when he comes back. But so great that you are also open to other options like adoption! I was an adoption social worker for 5 years and adoption is amazing!

  2. I hope these things for your husband during this deployment. I know it's hard when they are away.

  3. fear is a nasty thing...it is so consuming!
    Praying for you friend! <3
    ANDDD a little one running around would be amazing...

  4. Totally understand these fears!! :) At least you guys have discussed it just in case, but I hope you can have kids! What an exciting journey to take!

  5. Praying for your husband to say safe.

    And also hoping that you are blessed with a baby when he gets back.


  6. I understand your fears.

    My husband has a bad knee too. And a bad shoulder. He actually had to go on profile for it for awhile.

  7. I 100% understand your fears about not being able to have a baby..we are in the same position.