Monday, June 3, 2013

Baby Fever

I. Want. A. Baby.

My husband and I have actually kind of wanted a baby since we got married. And then we weren't ready. And then we were. And then we moved to Italy and wanted to travel so we wanted to wait to have a baby.

Before, I wanted a baby because they're adorable. I saw the cute little toddlers waddling around at the laundromat or at work and would die over their cuteness. One of my best friend's little girl is just the cutest thing, Will's heterosexual life partner's daughter has the best smile, and my sister-in-law's girl never fails to put a smile on our faces. One of my other best friends is pregnant, two of my cousins have had babies this year, and a third cousin will have a baby soon. How could I not want a baby when I'm surrounded by babies?

All the cute babies/toddlers in our lives.

I've done a lot of thinking and now I want a baby because I want a piece of my husband. He's such an amazing man and I love him so much. I want a little boy or girl who has his personality, even his dumb humor. I don't care who they look like, but I really hope they get his height. I want a little boy who will be a mini-Will who will make me laugh as much as his daddy does. I want a little girl who will be Daddy's little girl and will wrap him around her little pinkie the moment he first holds her.

I can't wait to raise a cute little baby with my husband. I promise I will try to keep the baby pictures down. Maybe only a dozen per post instead of 100. I want to say I'm not going to be one of the mommies who aren't obsessed with her children...but I can't promise. But I can promise to try not to go into baby overload when it happens.


  1. Ok a couple things... You were in my dream last night. I think I've been blogging too much and I feel really creepy.


    There is something wrong with mamas that aren't obsessed with their babies so please be obsessed and over share.

  2. I feel the exact same way! :)

  3. I only just now starting to get a little bit into wanting a baby mode. Angel doesn't think we'll have a baby till after he's done with school (2 and a half years) but I wouldn't be all that surprised if it were sooner. I can't wait to see him as a Dad.

  4. Ha, ha. Good luck with that! Gosh, I don't know (remember?) how old you are, but I'm 29 and still don't think I'm grown up enough. But the bebes are cute, so maybe I'll live vicariously through you, first.

  5. Ooh the fever it's afflicting!

  6. Aw. Babies are fantastic. I just wish they didn't ruin sleep so much.

  7. Your baby, your blog = as many pictures as you want! Haha.

    Your reasons for wanting a kid is pretty similar to what mine were! Except instead of height I wished for my husband's ridiculously long eyelashes and YEP she got 'em!

  8. Having children is pretty awesome. You know that you are going to love them like crazy, but you don't really get what that really means until you have them in your arms. Every day I feel like my little girl is the sweetest, smartest, cutest toddler in the whole world and I just feel so lucky that she is mine. Man, baby fever is hard. Good luck with everything, deciding to your family is such is special time!

  9. Two things:
    A: there's seriously something in the water out here! Everyone told me that and BAM...I got pregnant :)

    B: post as many pictures as you want! If you lose readers over it, so be it!