Monday, August 5, 2013

Annual Camping Trip

Between a lightning strike and a nasty cold, I've been slacking on my blogging. But I finagled the wires and got the internet connected again and slept off the worst of the cold so I'm back on schedule!

After Stout Grove Mama and I set up our campsite. I usually camp once a year...if this met my quota for 2013. If you haven't guessed, I'm not huge on the outdoors. But I can handle it in small doses at a time and I can appreciate its beauty when I'm out and about.

KOA Campground Crescent City

We stayed at KOA Campground Crescent City. We normally camp at KOA campgrounds since they're usually clean and have bathrooms and a sink to wash dishes. This one was really close Crescent City and the Redwood Forest so it was perfect for us.

After we set up our tent, we went into Crescent City to see what we wanted to do the next day. Turns's a completely un-touristy spot. It was both refreshing and disappointing. We wanted to do some shopping and poking around stores, but there were really none to be found! Instead we walked along the pier and a little stretch of beach in town. Honestly, it was so much better than the same old tourist shops.

Crescent City pier
If you look closely, there's a seagull on every single post going all the way down the pier. Every. Single. Post. So funny!
Crescent City pier
Watching the locals bait their traps and toss them out.
Battery Point Lighthouse
Battery Point Lighthouse at high tide.
Crescent City

When we got back we were starving; so we cooked our dinner and made a fire. And of course we made s'mores!


KOA Campgrounds - Crescent City
4241 Highway 101 North
Crescent City, CA


  1. ahh! S'mores are the best part about camping! Hope you had a good time!

  2. I absolutely LOVE camping!!

  3. My husband loves to camp and I'm... undecided. Haha. I helps if you have a lot of good food though. :)

  4. Oh my gosh those s'mores look so good and I'm pretty jealous!! I want to go on a camping trip now!

    1. In high school I used to make s'mores every day in the microwave. Not as good, but it hit the spot!

  5. Yum- s'mores! A couple weeks ago, a co-worker asked me what s'mores were. I got excited to share a little bit about this American treat with her.. until I started my description with, "well, you take 2 graham crackers..." and she responded, "what is a graham cracker?" I felt defeated from the get go, and sad that she didn't know the joy of graham crackers, much less s'mores. Haha!