Wednesday, August 7, 2013


After Trees of Mystery, we drove back up to Crescent City to do some sightseeing in the area during regular daylight hours. We immediately made a beeline for the Battery Point Lighthouse. We didn't have much time before high tide came in again. Such a difference!

Battery Point Lighthouse
Such a change from when we saw it during high tide.
Battery Point Lighthouse
Battery Point Lighthouse
View of the beach from the lighthouse

We drove through the town along the coast and stopped by Brother Jonathan Cemetery. It's seriously small and hard to find. Blink and you miss it. There was a pretty view of the ocean from there.
Brother Jonathan Cemetery

Our last stop was the beach to enjoy the ocean. There's nothing more calming and no better way to recharge your soul than to look out over the ocean and watch the waves break.

Pacific Ocean
So happy to be reunited with my beloved Pacific Ocean
When we got back to our campsite, we ate an early dinner. It was cold so we built a fire and, of course, we made s'mores again.



  1. I'm a new reader, and my husband and I were thisclose to visiting this lighthouse earlier in the week! We didn't go, but I was so glad to see that you went, and that there are photos here. Great blog, btw.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! The lighthouse itself was closed, but it was cool to be able to walk up to it. I was so paranoid about the tide the whole time...for no reason, it wasn't even close and people were still going up when we left.

  2. So neat that you got to do so much travelling and sight-seeing around where you grew up. It's so easy to forget all the unique things that tourists come to see when you're so familiar with a place. When I next return to a visit home, I'm really going to try and play tourist in my hometown for once :-)