Monday, October 21, 2013

Rioting and Hostility


I have probably mentioned this before, but Will is a Florida State Seminoles fan and I'm an Oregon Ducks fan. If you follow college football, you already know the reason for this post's title.

For those of you who couldn't care less about football, but are curious as to why I'm so angry...

The Oregon Ducks have been ranked #2 all season. They are undefeated and have spanked every teamed they've played so far. All year we have been predicted as the favorite to go to the BCS Bowl (the big championship game) to play against Alabama (the #1 ranked team).

The Florida State Seminoles (prior to this week ranked #5) just crushed Clemson (prior to this week ranked #3). So it was a huge win for them.

Every single poll has UO holding at #2 and FSU advancing to #3 to take Clemson's spot. Every.Single.Poll. But the BCS computers gave the #2 spot to FSU and UO is now #3. 

This is my exact reaction:
First, I read a Facebook status from the Oregon Ducks that mentioned our latest win and something about being #3. So I sat straight up, screamed "OH MY GOD!!!", and climbed over Will (who was still sleeping) to grab his iPad (it has better internet reception meaning faster load times). He had looked up the rankings on ESPN last night to see if they updated before we went to bed, so all I had to do was refresh the screen.
Next, I started slapping him and screaming obscenities. You may be saying, "Ech, that's a little extreme. Calm yourself." You don't know Will. He doesn't like to root for his team. He likes to talk shit about everyone's favorite team. He spent all day yesterday picking on me and making little comments about how all the opinion pieces were predicting that FSU would edge out UO. When it comes to sports he likes to get under people's skins and get them all riled up. 

So then, I tried to kick him out of bed. But he's too heavy for me to move. Instead I pouted all morning until he left for work.

What was Will's reaction? "Fear the spear" and chopping motions. Then, fake apologies and, "It's okay, you'll get your spot back after you beat UCLA & Stanford." Followed by a lot smug grins all day long. Now for Halloween he wants to dress up as a Seminole with a spear in his hand with a duck impaled at the end and he wants to drag an elephant behind him with a spear in its side.

Like I said on Twitter, this is going to be a very hostile home for Will for awhile.


  1. Oh dear, it sounds to me that with that attitude, he likes to live dangerously with you around! I'm glad there are no sports rivalries in this household!

  2. Wow! I would have been pissed too! I'm so glad my college didn't have a football team so I have no problem cheering for the same schools as John.

  3. Sounds like Kyle! :) His school is who Oregon played over the weekend lol.

  4. This is definitely not too extreme. I understand any emotions when it comes to college football. ;) But there's a lot of season left, so anything could happen!

  5. I'm bitter that Clemson lost. They did not play at all like the number 3 team they were. I feel you girl!