Saturday, August 2, 2014

10 years of 20's

I saw this quote on Pinterest and it made me realize that I'm still trying to grow up too quickly. I have two more years of my 20's to be reckless and stupid and ridiculous and impulsive. Lately I've been so caught up in growing up and settling down and buying a house and all that.

Will and I had a long talk about what his career goals were in the military. He has been struggling with the question of staying in until retirement or not. I was pushing him to get out because I want to move back to Portland and buy a house. I cried because I realized I'll be pushing 40 by the time we'll have the option settle down. Will should have slapped me. I keep trying to be the older version of myself who's ready to settle down. I keep forgetting that I'm only 28.

I think being in my late 20's should mean I know my limits and I can make smarter decisions. But I think being in my 20's in general means I should still be doing things purely for the sake of "why not?" If you take away the obnoxious teenage mindset of "YOLO" and strip it to its basic meaning, it rings true.

I don't really have a specific idea of what I'll be doing to take advantage of my 20-something year oldness. But for now, in this moment, I'm going to go take shots while playing video games with my husband in our underwear. Why? Because it's past noon. Because it's a Saturday. Because we have no obligations today. Because why not?


  1. I probably find myself somewhat in the middle of the spectrum--I think it's perfectly possible to do things "just because you can" or "why not" while also being generally responsible and not stupid. I think my parents have influenced me quite a bit--they're in their early-mid 40s and in the last two years they've taken all their kids to Cambodia and France and England and the USA...and they just sold the house they've owned for 20 years and officially are only renters--to me they've struck a pretty awesome-sounding balance of both adventure and excitement and roots and responsibility. I think one of the best things they ever taught me was that you don't automatically become boring when you have kids or when you get old (but you always have your own choice of what "boring" and"awesome" looks like--you don't have to submit to other people's definitions!)

    And I'm beginning to think that Angel and I will never own a house--so hey, maybe that's not a milestone everyone needs!

  2. That quote really has been thinking...I'm in my final year of my 20's and it's scary.

  3. Right there with you. It's hard trying to figure out how I want to finish out my 20's.

  4. You're so right. I think I'm struggling with finding what my balance is. I need to keep your parents in mind whenever I start to feel suffocated. They're really great role models!