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Our love story:
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Why do we use nicknames instead of our real names?

Basically it's a small measure taken to protect ourselves from negative people. I don't want this blog to be a source of information for people to use against us, our families, or our friends. This blog's readership has grown from just our family and a few friends to people all over the world. Sure if someone really wanted to hack our lives, they could. But this is our way of making it just a little bit harder for them. We will only use first names or nicknames, never last names for anyone else making an appearance here. (Seester, Leetle, and Beebee for my sisters).

If you see your name here on this blog and wish to use a nickname or don't want to be mentioned, please let one of us know. If you don't see your name or pictures of you on this blog and are thinking, "WTF? I thought we had something special!" Let us know because we'd love to include you.

About the Blog

We have not monetized our blog. I'm not saying it'll never happen, but it's not something we care to do right now. We love working with shops, organizations, and other bloggers. We'll accept products or services to assess, but not money. We feel this practice provides our readers with a more honest and real review.

You may find posts on travel, military life, Ech's attempts at housewifing, Will's attempts at...anything, some gaming (PS4, PS3, PC, Xbox 360), some Pinterest attempts. What you won't find? Makeup guides, fashion guides, and workouts (not that we don't work out, we just don't know anything more than the average person).

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  1. You guys are so cute! I enjoyed reading this version of your story! And I didn't know you had an English degree...I almost went that route, only I decided on Chinese instead, because obviously Chinese and English are almost the same...

  2. What a precious story! I'm in a long-distance relationship right now, so I love seeing the success stories! :)

  3. Stopping by from your interview on "To the Sea." I'm a fellow expat living in Australia while my husband is on assignment for his job. I love following and connecting with other expats across the world. Love your blog and look forward to following along with your adventures. Stop by and say hello to my newish (and very much under construction) blog!

  4. I looooove your story! So adorable! My husband and I were separated for most of our relationship until I graduated college and we finally got married! :) love your blog as well!